Operation Grefsenkollen

2 Hours 
Route 2 km/ 1 mile
1-4 Players per group
Price 39 € pr group!!!
Age 6+

Difficulty: Medium


365 Days a year


Oslo - Grefsenkollen 


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Operation Grefsenkollen 1945 is based on real events from World War II.
As members of the norwegian resistance, it is your job to carry out the mission.
The mission is solved while you move around Grefsenkollen mountain.
In the envelope you will find everything you need to complete the mission.
If you succeed, you will have succeeded in a task that everyone thought was impossible.
Are you ready to take on the task?

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Where do I pick up the mystery?:
Akershusstranda 23 0150 Oslo


Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 11.00 - 17.00

Sat: 11:00 - 16:00


Contact Fenaknoken: +47 22423457 (Eirik)
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People say the nicest things!

This is so much fun! You wonder how no one thought of this before.

It is extra exciting knowing that this is based on real crimes!

Fantastic as a company event,  our many teams enjoyed it. Several even solved the mystery ; )

This TRUE CRIME mystery-adventure is based on an actual event recorded in the Norwegian II world war archives.

You will solve exciting riddles and tasks together as a group, at the same time exploring the beautiful area of Grefsenkollen.

In the envelope you will find everything needed to complete your investigation.

Each chapter contains new tasks and challenges that can shed further light on the case.

The more points you earn along the way, the more time you are given at the end to discuss your findings and to reach a conclusion about the case. Remember not to open the final chapter before reaching your decision.


You may need it...